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Owned and operated by the General Partner, 
Black Fur Fintech LLC.


Our mission is to maximize the return on investment for our investors and to create a fair and transparent investing environment. Our unique fee structure is performance-driven and designed to align our interests with our investors' interests.

To protect our investor's returns, Black Fur Fintech LLC is responsible for all administrative fees and employs an accounting method that does not dilute the investors' interest in the funds.

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Our scientific team has developed a proprietary trading platform powered by artificial intelligence to identify trading opportunities unrecognizable to experienced traders and sophisticated algorithmic platforms. Our trading platform is designed to trade multiple securities across multiple asset classes, dynamically allocating deployed capital among trades based on weighted criteria, including trade confidence, profitability, and diversification of risk, among other proprietary considerations. 

"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

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