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Black Fur Fintech LLC is a leading developer of advanced technologies in the artificial intelligence (AI) space. Our executive, scientific, and technology teams and staff are recognized worldwide as leaders in their respective areas of specialization and proliferators of several of the most advanced technologies deployed in the last decade. 

AI Trade Management

Black Fur’s AI Technology Development Team is focused on delivering the world’s first application of AI to radically improve earnings outcomes compared to existing algorithmic trading platforms.


Novel Platform

The approach to the AI construct is original intellectual property that combines research and execution in an analogous space.  Our team is made up of influential and proliferating artificial intelligence scientists with a pedigree of innovation designed to solve problems and enhance outcomes for government agencies and private clients with global

reach and application.


Synergistic Technology

Our teams are focused on building an unprecedented AI platform for sustained, maximized returns in the high-frequency-trading fintech space. The AI decision-making constructs that are currently under development have countless horizontal applications that include not only our proprietary trading platform, but can also enhance outcomes in

medical technology, pharmaceutical development, sustainability, imaging, telecommunications, and global defense.

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